Question Everything - If things are not adding up then ask why and look for yourself  

Lambs 2 Lions - Rise! Rise again, until we, the lambs have become the lions - The movie Robin Hood 2010

Dear Conservative Party Leadership:

Here we go again.  So many of your constituents, myself included, hoped to see great leaps in the GOP’s ability to deliver a clear and UNIFORM message after the failures of the last election.  Since no such thing seems to have been accomplished, as a concerned member of “your” party, I’d like to offer direction where there appears to be little.

I’d like to begin in what seems a logical place:  Responding to the key points of the Democratic agenda.  The liberal party presents a rather united voice on the issues of gun control, gay marriage, immigration, and debt.  I offer a conservative response to each.

1.)     Gun Control.

As a citizen, I really worry about a government’s reason for wanting to disarm its people  If giving false information on a background check were to be made an ENFORCED, federal offense, along with actively enforcing the other one hundered or so existing laws surrounding gun purchases and sales, many problems would be solved instantly.  In many instances, the very government lobbying to ban guns is in fact,  responsible for the problem due to failing to enfore the legislation ALREADY on the books---laws passed to prevent and protect.  Revisit what is there.

2.)    Gay Marriage.

Let’s put down the  religious drum and talk about the issue without bias.  I can’t help but laugh when folks I engage are so ignorantly homophobic that they believe the entire gay population is running around swapping partners every 15 minutes!  They seem to believe promiscuity and recklessness is a mandate in the “gay handbook”.

As “People of Faith”, maybe we should simply promote monogamy and marriage.  (Think of all the struggling attorneys who will get rich off the additional divorce proceedings.)  I don’t think anyone can truly believe that one half of any monogamous couple deserves to lose their life’s estate because of a lack of a legal marriage certificate.  As it stands now, if Bob and Tom, two monogamous, homosexual, males, build a life together (work, pay bills, take the trash to the curb on Tuesday, etc.  You know, all the stuff we “normal folks” do…), even with a legal will, upon his death, Bob’s relatives can step in and tie up the estate for years and possibly even walk away with everything!

Let’s promote marriage.  Promote Marriage.  Promote Monogamy.  Promote Family.

3.)    Immigration.

I cant help shaking my head on this one.  How are all our “thinkers” missing a main point?  The point being:  HOW IN THE HECK DOES IT TAKE 10 TO 14 YEARS TO BE APPROVED FOR CITIZENSHIP?  We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!  WE have the technology and intelligence to do away with such nonsense!

I understand having a probationary period that gives applicants plenty of time to be sure this is where they want to be before administering the citizenship test.  However, the current system needs to be updated and overhauled, as the “tired and poor” Lady Liberty welcomes, are becoming poorer while we do nothing and allow opportunities for “immigration professionals” to take advantage of those less fortunate who truly want to to be here the “right” way.

(I am also of the opinion, that a flat tax would raise revenue for school districts and medical programs burdened by non-citizen immigrants. )

Furthermore, immigrants should be encouraged to speak English.  The majority of America speaks English, as does a large portion of the world.  I understand it will take years to polish skills to fluency, but honestly, we all know many, many, far-too-many people, BORN here who don’t know “fifty” from “fitty”  or the “library” from the “liberry”.  This idea is not discriminatory.  If I move to Mexico, I would expect to hear Spanish in the workplace and in government buildings.  It’s logical.

4.)    Debt.

The housing market, which caused most of our financial woes, was driven by a democratic majority who did not want to reform Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. ..
An issue, compounded by a number of absurd mortgages floating around everywhere.  Common sense went out the window, and buyers were allowed, even encouraged, to borrow astronomical amounts of money to buy unaffordable homes.  What could possibly go wrong with borrowing 200% of the value of my home?  Add in loads of credit card debt from living above our pay grade, and the result is a whole lot of people on the edge of financial ruin.  And then fuel prices when through the roof.  What did we think would happen?  Well, most of US knew what would happen.  You, our law makers, are the only ones who seemed in the dark.

We have to promote financial responsibility.  A married couple, making a combined $90K a year before taxes, borrowed $400K to buy a home in Neighborhood  of Jones.  They leased two, luxury cars at $600 a month each plus fuel and maintenance.  These expenses, plus normal day-to-days, meant a MINIMUM of $100K was needed to even hope to break even.

Be proud of what you have, and save for what you want.  When my kids want something, I tell them to save and earn it.  As a society, we are failing our youth and encouraging a nation of, well, as a southerner would put it, just plain trash…

Just some of my thoughts.

Be safe and have a great day,



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